Use the Voice of Customers to Grow Your Sales Revenue

The Voice of Customers today are paving the way for exponential business growth. 

In a hyper-connected world, the distance between a brand and its customer is minute. Brands are connected their customers via social channels, emails, highly targeted ad campaigns and digital feedback platforms (think TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Reviews).

With access to feedback through these digital customer experience platforms, the type of feedback that stands is audio feedback directly from customers. Its authenticity and free-flowing form facilitate authentic marketing content. Obtaining voice feedback revolutionizes the whole customer experience as well as the acquisition of new customers.  

Authenticity of Voice Feedback

Having positive customer feedback on your digital assets can increase new customer conversion rate by 89%. However, customers today are inundated with sponsored reviews. The feedback feels scripted from the brand and lacks authenticity.

The benefit of acquiring voice feedback from real customers is that you can hear the tone, sentiment and their unadulterated thoughts. When these are used to add an extra boost to your digital assets in place of plain text testimonials or lengthy case studies, new leads get as close to the customer experience as possible, without any intervention from a sales team.

Let Your Customers Speak For You

In feedback collection methods like webform surveys and in-app ratings, the customer experience team frame a set of questions to obtain specific answers. Some common examples are “Can you rate your experience on a scale of 0-10?” or “Do you feel like it was worth your money? Yes or No”

These highly structured forms of feedback create distance between a brand and its customers. Businesses lose the true essence of the customer’s feedback, how they respond to the offerings and most importantly, why they would rate something high or low.

By asking a customer to leave their feedback about a product or service in an audio format, brands can give them the freedom to speak their mind. They can talk about what they like, what they do not like and whether they would recommend it to their friends and family. This can be converted to business intelligence to optimize your the brand’s offering, aligning with exactly what the customers are asking for. If something is working well for the business, they can capitalize on it and use it to acquire new customers.

Get Influencers To Speak For You

If you scroll through any feedback platform, it is evident that the majority of feedback voluntarily left is negative. While this might not be fully representative of all your customers, it can shape the brand and affect sales negatively. Since the negative feedback outnumbers the positive ones by a good measure, it is important to take extra effort to acquire feedback from your promoters.

In acquiring voice feedback from your promoters, you give your business an immediate boost by letting new leads know about the positive experiences people have had with your business.

Obtaining this feedback in the voice format from verified customers, and then highlighting it on your digital assets is a power move. Its value is far higher than unverified customers on an array of feedback platforms.