How To Collect Voice Feedback From Customers

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Obtaining the voice of customers is integral to any successful customer experience analytics. It gives brands both quantitative and qualitative customer experience data- Quantitative in the form of sentiment scores, Net Promoters Score (NPS) and Feedback Topic Categorization and qualitative in the form of audio testimonials and empathy maps.

Here are the various methods businesses use to obtain voice feedback:

CX teams conducting bulk phone calls
Businesses that value the voice of their customers invest heavily on acquiring it. They have in-house customer experience teams dedicated to placing phone calls to customers and asking for their feedback. The responses and recordings of the feedback are an important data point for future product strategy, marketing collateral and up-selling plans.

While this voice feedback is extremely valuable, it can be an operational and cost challenge for smaller brands.

Focus Groups
Choosing a sample of customers and conducting an exhaustive survey in a focus group helps marketing teams immensely. They get to observe real-time reactions, gather responses and test out their brand and product differentiations without making any assumptions. Data from focus groups can help brands learn about the stickiness of their products and its possible penetration in the market.

While conducting a focus group, it is important to choose a sample of customers that represents all the customers well. Even the activities and surveys for the group need to be chosen well, in order to keep any bias out of it entirely.

Automating Feedback Collection Phone Calls
To combat the operational and cost challenges of maintaining teams to call for customer feedback, businesses can use tools to automate the whole process. They can place bulk calls via these tools and obtain large amounts of feedback within minutes. Using AI and speech analytics can help convert these into business intelligence quickly.

Automation of voice feedback collection is emerging technology, but it is important for businesses to embrace such tools early on. Having additional data points about customer experience can give businesses an edge over their competition.